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TLX Gold is an `Sd intelligent' 2 in 1 insulating breather membrane. It doesn't need a vapour barrier to avoid condensation risk. It adjusts its rate of breathability according to the amount of moisture. 
TLX Gold is completely watertight and air tight. It is simply rolled out across rafters and can be installed without raising the roof height. On its own, TLX Gold can reduce heat loss by 86%. 
TLX Gold comes with a product performance guarantee, is fast to fit, and many solutions do not need to remove existing insulation. We will provide you with solutions that have a guaranteed U-value, condensation risk and an estimate of payback calculations. 


TLX Silver wraps the inside of buildings. It prevents condensation risk by stopping moisture entering the roof void from the inside of the building. Installed to the underside of rafters and across joists, it’s also certified for use in timber frame and solid masonry walls. Combined with other products TLX Silver can deliver U-values as low as 0.13 W/m2 K in a standard roof. 
TLX Silver has been used in numerous new build houses with the approval of NHBC, in loft and barn conversions, or simply when upgrading the performance of existing structures. Ask to see the TLX Silver case studies for examples or ask in your local Roofbase for additional customer support. 

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