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We know how tough it is to keep up with rising energy prices, especially during the winter months, when the cost of heating your home during winter months can add up quickly.  
With Ofgem, the energy regulator, recently announcing that the price cap for those on standard variable tariffs would rise to 52p per kWh for electricity and 15p per kWh for gas, up from 28.34p and 7.37p respectively, the average energy bill for a household will rise to over £3,500 a year. And that is expected to increase to more than £5,000 a year next April. 
However, by making your home more energy efficient, you can enjoy benefits which include saving money on your energy bill.  

The benefits of making your home more energy efficient include: 

Reducing your bills 
You'll save money on your electricity bill because less energy is used. You could see a saving of up to 10% on your annual energy costs. This is especially true if you live in a cold climate where heating accounts for around half of your total energy consumption. 
A lower carbon footprint 
If you're concerned about climate change, reducing your household's impact on it could help. By cutting down on air conditioning use in summer and heating in winter, you can make a big difference. If everyone in the UK cut their energy usage by just one unit per person, we'd avoid emitting over 20 million tonnes of CO2 each year - enough to fill Wembley Stadium seven times over. 
Keep warm in winter 
Keeping your home warmer in winter saves you money on your gas and electric bills, as well as keeping you comfortable while you work from home. A study found that homes with double glazing installed saved up to £100 a month on their heating bills compared to those without. 

Insulating your roof, attic or loft space is an easy way to save money on your bills, keeping the heat in and the cold out. 

Loft installaion is quick and easy to install. And with an uninsulated house losing about a quarter of its heat through the roof, it's a quick way to keep the heat in your home and to provide a significant saving on your energy bill. With a roll of insulation cosing under £30, the potential saving of up to £260 per year on heating costs is a quick and easy win. 

Making your doors, windows and conservatory more energy efficient will reduce your energy bills and lower your carbon footprint. 

Can Double Glazing Save You Money on Your Energy Bills? 
Double glazing can help keep your home warmer during winter months, but does it actually save you money on your monthly energy bill? 
The benefits of having double glazed windows and doors in your home have been widely publicised, including the ability to reduce noise levels, improve insulation and protect against draughts. However, there are still some people who do not know about the benefits that double glazed windows can have on their energy bills. 
Why Does Having Double Glazed Windows Help Reduce My Energy Bill? 
By installing double glazed windows and sliding patio doors, you can stop heat escaping into the environment and maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the day and night. This can lead to lower energy costs, because less heat is lost through the windows and doors. 
With over 18% of heat loss occuring through windows, double glazed windows are often considered one of the easiest ways to improve the insulation of your house. They are custom built to each home, meaning that your new windows will fit your property perfectly.  
If you want to save money on heating costs, installing double glazed windows could be just what you need. 
If you would like advice or a quotation for insulation or double glazing for your property, please contact your local branch and speak to a member of our experienced sales team who are here to provide on-the-job advice to support your projects. 
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