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The LOGICROOF PVC Adhered Roofing System is ideal for use when mechanical fixation of the membrane to a substrate is not possible or when the highest resistance against wind upload is required. It is also a very practical solution for roof refurbishment. 

LOGICROOF V-GR FB – PVC Membrane for Adhered Roofing Systems 

LOGICROOF V-GR FB is a fibre-glass reinforced, multi-component, fleece backed synthetic roof waterproofing membrane made from premium-quality plasticised polyvinyl chloride (PVC-P). The upper light layer offers exceptional resistance to weather and UV rays, whilst the membrane underside features a laminated geotextile fleece, providing both a separating layer and a surface for applying adhesive. All rolls have a fleece-free selvedge to allow for secure and efficient hot air welding of the membrane. 
Product Features  
Manufactured using an advanced automated co-extrusion method, ensuring reliable material uniformity 
Independently tested by the British Board of Agreement, BBA certificate number 18/5529 
Outstanding resistance to weathering and UV radiation 
Reliable resistance to wind load 
High tensile strength 
High resistance to impact and puncture 
High water vapour permeability 
Outstanding weldability and excellent flexibility in cold temperatures 
Full range of system accessories available 

Complete System Available from Roofbase 

Existing Deck Primed with SPRAYFIX Universal Primer 
TECHNOELAST VB 500 Self Adhesive VCL 
SPRAYFIX PU Insulation Adhesive 
PIR Thermal Insulation 
LOGICROOF Membrane Adhesive 
LOGICROOF V-GR FB Single Ply Membrane 
We also stock a wide range of additional accessories, such as vapour control layers, primers and adhesives and much more – just contact your local branch for more details. 
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