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POLY ELAST RAPID-O High Performance Single Layer Universal Membrane 

POLY ELAST RAPID-O is a universal bituminous membrane that offers reliable waterproofing solutions. It is a single layer membrane that is formulated for robust and versatile installation, providing value for money.  
The 6kg/m2 membrane is a cost-effective and fast-track method for overlaying existing roof coverings, ensuring long-lasting waterproofing. 
This product has the capability to function as a high performance, single-layer cap sheet in warm roof specifications. 


The POLY ELAST RAPID-O roofing material utilizes graphite firewall technology to prevent the spread of flames in case of a fire. Moreover, the product's flexibility enables its efficient use across a broad spectrum of temperatures, while also providing innovative self-repairing capabilities. 


POLY ELAST RAPID-O not only offers flexibility in performance, it also provides flexibility in application. 
The membrane can be applied using a torch onto various non-combustible substrates in overlay situations with ease and speed. 
If naked flames are not allowed on site due to client preference or project requirements, the product can be installed by either adhesive bonding or using a heat gun. 
When POLY ELAST RAPID-O is utilized in a complete warm roof system, it can be affixed to the insulation in a safe manner with an approved PU adhesive. 


The design of POLY ELAST RAPID-O offers more than just waterproofing capabilities. The highly advanced membrane features rapid torch-on points on the underside which provide a reliable, strong bond to the substrate, whilst also allowing vapour pressure from the roof to be effectively equalised and controlled. 


Ideal for cost-effective, fast-track roof refurbishment 
Effective overlay solution for revitalising and waterproofing existing tired roofs 
Incorporates graphite firewall technology for the ultimate in fire protection 
Diamond shaped channels on underside providing reliable, strong bond and roof moisture control 
Versatile methods of installation 
Robust, thick product - highly resistant to site traffic 
Can be torched to suitable non-combustible substrates 
Available with a 20 year materials guarantee 

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