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VELUX ROOF WINDOWS   VELUX roof windows can help to transform your sloped roof rooms in to spaces filled with natural light and fresh air. Not only do they offer a great source of light, they can also boost the feeling of space within your home. The sleek design of VELUX roof windows makes them aesthetically pleasing and fits seamlessly into any interior décor.  In stock at all our Roofbase branches, VELUX windows are perfect for your loft conversion and building projects. 


VELUX® Products 

Single Roof Windows - Standard 

Installing a roof window in your room provides access to natural light and fresh air. 
A single roof window is an ideal lighting solution for small rooms, staircases, and bathrooms. Additionally, more than one window can be used for larger rooms to create more diffused light and provide improved air circulation. 
Roof windows are available in a range of different sizes, with manual, electric or solar power options. 

Low Pitch Windows 

Homes with low pitches (10°-20°) can benefit from the installation of low pitch roof windows, which are specifically designed for use in such situations. 
These windows can bring twice as much daylight into the home than a vertical window of the same size, and their unique design ensures an aesthetically pleasing look from the exterior. 
The low-pitch single roof window is available in a range of sizes and can be either manual or solar powered. 

2in1 Roof Windows 

The 2in1 roof window is a useful addition to any living space. It features a combination of a single opening and one stationary window, perfect to bring in more natural light into either small or large rooms. 
The slim profile of the window increases the amount of natural light entering your home, brightening up your room. 
The 2in1 roof window offers a variety of sizes and manual or solar operation, making it an ideal option for increasing the amount of daylight and fresh air in your home. 

Heritage Conservation Roof Windows 

Maximize daylight in traditional spaces while providing thermal efficiency and enhancing indoor comfort. 
The VELUX Heritage conservation roof window is slim and elegant and sits flush to the slates, allowing it to blend seamlessly with historic building aesthetics. 
Collaboration between architects, conservation officers, and other stakeholders enables the modernization of the building while preserving its original character. 

Conservation Roof Windows 

Installing a Conservation roof window will provide natural daylight and ventilation to your room. 
The Conservation roof window blends the traditional and modern design, with its black exterior profile and glazing bar merging harmoniously into the roof to complement the building's original qualities. 

Multiple Roof Windows 

Installing roof windows is an effective way to increase the feeling of space and openness in a home. 
VELUX roof windows offer a variety of window combinations to suit personal needs. These include side-by-side, top and bottom, and square solutions. The Quattro option, which is a set of four roof windows, provides extra daylight and impressive floor-to-ceiling views. 
Whatever is on your mind, you can make your daylight plans come true. 

Roof Balcony 

A roof balcony can be opened in seconds to create extra space, bring in daylight and natural air. This provides a unique subterranean balcony experience. 

Roof Terrace 

The roof terrace windows can provide a scenic view or natural ventilation when opened, and plenty of daylight when closed. The upper section may be opened for a view, and both the top and bottom sections can be opened to form a doorway for outdoor access. 

VELUX Pro+ flashing set (2000) 

VELUX released the VELUX Pro+ flashing set (2000) in March 2023. This new option combines individual item purchases into a single box for increased convenience when ordering. 
The flashing set has been upgraded with additional insulation to reduce heat loss and prevent cold bridges. The product includes insulation collar BDX and underfelt collar BFX, along with a drainage gutter. 
The new flashing sets improve the quality of a VELUX installation and they have introduced 6 upgrades that improves the workflow for the installer. 
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