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Quantum Insulation has over 100 years of flat roof insulation expertise, aiding roofing contractors to select the right product for each individual application. 
QI offers Approved Document B compliant non- combustible insulation for use with Single Ply, Liquid Applied, Hot Melt or Reinforced Bitumen Membrane 
waterproofing. We also stock QI’s non-combustible upstand insulation boards, with uniform thickness or tapered roof insulation. 

The QUANTUM INSULATION product range includes: 


QI Quantum PLUS+ Inverted Roof Insulation System is a rigid Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP). 
The VIP panel consists of a compressed fumed silica sand microporous core which is evacuated of air and moisture before being encased and sealed in a special thin, gas-tight, hybrid aluminium foil envelope, encapsulated in a solvent free polyurethane waterproof coating. The coating is a factory applied solvent-free two component elastomeric polyurethane waterproofing membrane. 
The resulting panel gives outstanding thermal conductivity, with the thinnest possible insulation solution. 


RockFace A2 is a Non-Combustible Upstand Insulation Board used to thermally insulate and protect upstand walls in inverted flat roof systems. Classified Euroclass A2-s1,d0 to BS EN13501-1:2108 by Warrington Fire under classification report no. 19808F dated 10 10 2019. Building Regulation Approved Document B volume 1 – dwellings and volume 2 - non-dwellings compliant solution for buildings over 18m high in England. Technical Handbook – domestic Annex 2.C and Technical Handbook – non- domestic Annex 2.F compliant solution for buildings over 11m high in Scotland. 
Manufactured with non-combustible stonewool it will not develop smoke or promote flame spread, even when directly exposed to fire. It also repels and drains water away from the product, and will completely dry out while maintaining its original physical properties. Stonewool and factory laminated to a 6mm thick weather resistant high impact facing board. Available in a range of thicknesses, see declared performance table for available thickness. 
RockFace A2 has a Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP), a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of less than 5. For use with appropriate waterproofing systems. 


RAVATHERM XPS X 300 SL ULTRA Inverted Roof Insulation is a unique rigid, closed cell type extruded polystyrene board with integral high density skin. 
RAVATHERM XPS X 300 SL ULTRA Inverted Roof Insulation utilises infra-red blocking particles to scatter and reflect heat radiation. 
RAVATHERM XPS X 300 SL ULTRA Inverted Roof Insulation has a Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP), a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of less than 5. Use with RAVATHERM XPS X MK Water Flow Reducing Layer prior to the installation of paving, ballast and green roof. For use with appropriate Waterproofing Systems. 


FOAMGLAS® INVATHERM™ is a non-combustible thermal insulation suitable for all types of inverted flat roofs. 
This inverted roof insulation achieves a Euroclass Al rating (tested to EN 13501-1). Made using closed cell waterproof cellular glass insulation, FOAMGLAS® INVATHERM™ is a highly durable product with an excellent compressive strength making it the ideal insulation for existing or new build inverted roofs. 
This robust, durable and high-quality cellular glass insulation material delivers its performance for the lifetime of the building, with minimal maintenance costs 
Cellular glass material with excellent compressive strength, no movement or deformation, making it the ideal insulation for pedestrian access areas  
Manufactured using cellular glass insulation which has a minimum of 60% post-consumer waste recycled glass, FOAMGLAS® INVATHERM™ is both waterproof and vapour tight. It protects the primary waterproofing membrane, ensuring reliability and longevity 

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