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For 40 years, SSQ has been providing customers around the world with high-quality slate and natural stone products.  By combining the finest natural materials, meeting high-quality standards, and years of passion and expertise, they are established as one of the world’s leading suppliers of stunning Spanish slate and Argentinian Phyllite. 

Riverstone is a phyllite roofing product that offers attractive aesthetics and durability. Due to the prolonged combination of heat and pressure, the mentioned process significantly increases the components' density and strength, compared to other materials such as slate.  
Riverstone roof tiles are known for their durability and distinctive finish, making them a popular choice for both challenging architectural projects and prestigious phyllitic finishes. 
Del Carmen 
Del Carmen is a natural slate that was the beginning of something special. The start of SSQ's journey, as a company, was when Ahmed El-Helw discovered Del Carmen. 
Del Carmen, located in a renowned slate-producing region of North-West Spain, is recognized for its high-quality slate with a deep blue-black color that is resistant to fading from sunlight, and its longitudinal grain and distinctive, faint rippled texture. 
Del Carmen is often chosen as a crowning feature by architects, contractors and homeowners when they want to adorn a property with style. 
SSQ's Domiz slate is sourced from the Cabrera mountains of North-West Spain and hand split. Slate has become a popular material used in creating beautiful roofs due to its blue-grey color and distinct texture. 
Furthermore, its similarity to slate from the now-closed Welsh quarry in Ffestiniog makes it a popular choice in the roof replacement market. 
Matacouta slate, originating from the mountain regions of North-Western Spain, is commonly used in the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland. 
Matacouta is a natural slate product which can withstand harsh temperatures. Its durability and thickness make it suitable for Scottish climate conditions. It also fits in with the traditional aesthetic of architecture in Scotland. 
Del Prado 
Del Prado slate has a deep texture and elegant black-blue coloration, hand-split in North West Spain exclusively for SSQ. It has undergone rigorous testing and is offered with a range of guarantees. 
SSQ's Silverstone natural slate is sourced from Orense, North-West Spain. It has a smooth texture and blue-black color, which makes it popular among roofing contractors for its attractive grain, consistency, and light weight. Additionally, its inert mineral inclusions will not contaminate the slate. 

SSQ Roof Slate Comparison 

SSQ supply a range of high-quality slates. Most of their slates are mined in the prestigious slate producing area of Northwest Spain. They also exclusively supply Riverstone phyllite from their South American SSQ owned quarry. 
Green-grey phyllitic sheen 
Roofing, cladding, flooring, heritage properties, conservation areas 
La Repressa quarry, Argentina 
Del Carmen 
Deep blue-black colour, longitudinal grain, slightly rippled texture 
Roofing, heritage properties, conservation areas 
Del Carmen quarry, Cabrera Mountains, Northwest Spain 
Rich blue-grey colour 
Roofing – alternative to Welsh Ffestiniog slate 
Cabrera Mountains, Northwest Spain 
Deep blue-black colour, thick cut, naturally riven texture 
Roofing, cladding, exposed areas, harsh climates, Scottish architecture 
Cabrera Mountains, Northwest Spain 
Del Prado 
Black-blue colour, deep texture 
Cabrera Mountains, Northwest Spain 
Blue-black colour, smooth texture 
Roofing, projects requiring a lightweight slate 
Orense, Northwest Spain 
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