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78cm x 98cm - VELUX Centre Pivot Roof Electric Window

£516.46 exc. VAT £619.75 inc. VAT

Put fresh air at your fingertips with a centre-pivot VELUX roof window. A top-operated roof window is easy to operate - even with furniture beneath.

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The VELUX GGL MK04 207021U White Painted Centre Pivot INTEGRA Electric Window maximises the amount of daylight that enters your home and allows for effortless operation at the touch of a button. Whether you're standing or seated, you'll be able to take in the beautiful views while operating your window either manually or via a pre-paired wall switch, making it perfectly suited to both easy and hard to reach locations in your home.

The special INTEGRA system comes with a range of features including rain sensors that will trigger automatic closure thanks to a near-silent integrated motor. You can also pair this window with the VELUX ACTIVE app, allowing easy control from your smartphone.

INTEGRA Features

  • Perfect for out of reach areas
  • Provides fresh air, indoor comfort and home security
  • Rain sensors for automatic closure
  • Operates electrically with convenient wall switch
  • Fully integrated motor which is almost silent

Key Features

  • Safety glass prevents falling glass if broken
  • Innovative pivot hinges ensure stability
  • ThermoTechnology provides better energy efficiency
  • Barrel bolt locks window at 180° for easy cleaning
  • Brushed aluminium ventilation bar allows fresh air in even when the window is closed
  • Suitable for roof pitches between 15° - 90°
  • 10 year guarantee

White Painted Finish

  • Coated with water-based lacquer and white paint to protect against dirt and moisture
  • Bright white finish with discreet wood grain
  • Painted before assembly for flawless finish
  • Lower maintenance than pine finish windows
  • High UV resistance and breathable paint to preserve look

Standard Safety Glazing

  • Laminated inner pane for safety
  • Toughened outer pane
  • U-value 1.3 W/m²K

As standard, VELUX windows are supplied with an external finish of RAL 7043 (Traffic Grey). Windows can be made with any external finish as long as the RAL reference is supplied, with an extended lead time of up to 26 working days. Please contact us for more information.

The code of your existing VELUX window may differ if it was purchased pre-2014. Please view the Help & Advice tab to see how your old code translates to new codes.

A pre-paired wall switch is provided with this product.

All VELUX window sizes are listed as width x height. For a visual representation of this, please click here.

VELUX Window Sizes / Orientation

All VELUX window sizes are listed as width x height. For example, an MK04 window is 78cm wide and 98cm high.

For a visual representation of this, please click here.

VELUX Window Product Codes

The code of your existing VELUX window may differ if it was purchased pre-2014 - these windows generally have a code without the 'K'. To learn how to find your VELUX window code, click here.

And to see how your old code translates to new codes, click here. However, you will need to buy the pre-2014 coded product to match your window.

VELUX Blind Product Codes

VELUX blinds come with side channels which come in two different options. This is reflected in the product code:

  • Product codes ending in ‘S’ - these will have aluminium side channels.
  • Product codes ending in ‘SWL’ - these will have White Line side channels.

Top Hung Windows & Cleaning Mode

Your top hung window may arrive in the Centre Pivot position which is the Cleaning Mode Function, allowing the external pane to be cleaned when the window has been installed. Please click here for instructions on how to switch it to the correct position.

Useful Guides

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  • How To Choose A VELUX Blind
  • How To Install A VELUX Window
  • How To Fit A VELUX Blind
  • Cleaning & Maintaining VELUX Windows


For advice and FAQs on the VELUX ACTIVE system, please visit the VELUX support pages.

VELUX Standard Flashing Kits

Please note that if you are viewing the installation guide for standard flashing kits, part 5 as numbered in the illustration is pre-attached to the window and is not part of the flashing kit. Part 6 comes within its own box that is positioned above the window in the window box.

Other Advice

Further product data and installation guides can be found in the Technical Information area (where applicable).

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