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“TLX BATSAFE has passed the snagging propensity test developed by university academics, Statutory Nature Conservation Organisations and The Bat Conservation Trust” 
Based on their high standards of excellence and industry knowledge in breathable membranes TLX Insulation Ltd. have designed TLX Batsafe with bat-friendly features to ensure bats can move around safely without compromising the performance of the membrane. The mesh protection system is made from a strong and flexible nylon material, ensuring no damage will be caused when installing or handling the membrane. The mesh also allows air to pass through the membrane, allowing moisture to escape which helps to reduce condensation and improve 
The installation of TLX Batsafe is simple and cost effective, with no additional rafter space required. The bat mesh protection system ensures that the bats are safe, without any risk of damage or harm. Additionally, with its high strength and lightweight properties, TLX Batsafe is easy to install and can be adapted to fit almost any roof shape or size. 
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