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What are solar roof tiles? 

Solar roof tiles are an exciting innovation in green energy and sustainability technology that can help homeowners save money on their energy bills and contribute to reducing the environmental impact of energy usage. 
Through the harnessing of the sun's light, they can convert photovoltaic solar energy into electric power without drastically altering the look and feel of homes; they just replace traditional roof tiles with ones that are embedded with solar panel elements. 
These solar tiles work in much the same way as regular solar panels do, through utilising semi-conducting materials to create an electric field powered by sunlight. The electricity generated by them is capable of powering lighting, appliances, and other electrical equipment within homes. In terms of hot water systems, thermal collectors can be used in addition or alternatively with solar tiles to help generate hot water from solar energy. 

Eco Benefits of Solar Roof Tiles 

Cleaner, Renewable Electricity 
Solar roof tiles are a popular way to harness the power of the sun to generate clean and renewable electricity. These roof tiles are fitted with photovoltaic cells which convert the energy of the sun into usable DC electricity via an inverter, allowing it to be utilised as an alternative power source for households or businesses. Once installed, these solar roof tiles make it possible for properties to become more self-sufficient in terms of their energy needs due to no need for external power sources or fuel, leading to reduced dependence on finite fossil fuels like gas and oil. 
The great thing about solar roof tiles is that their electricity production relies solely on sunlight, meaning they can work all day without going offline so long as there is enough sunshine. This also allows them to produce more electricity as the time goes on regardless of weather conditions and other factors, giving property owners a reliable source of energy when needed and enabling them to save money on energy costs over time. 
All in all, solar roof tiles are a great way to reduce emissions and enjoy clean, renewable energy while still being able to power your home or business effectively! 
Effective Use of Existing Resources 
One of the most effective ways to make use of existing resources is to install solar tiles on an existing roof. By using a flat surface that has already been built, no additional resources need be taken to build a special area for the tiles. There is also no need to remove any surrounding garden or green landscape areas for the installation of the solar tiles. 
Solar tiles are an ideal solution for roof areas as they require direct exposure from sunlight in order to work. This means that so long as the roof is in direct sight of the sun it can be used effectively and efficiently to generate solar power. Additionally, these tiles are easy to install and normally require no additional support structures or fossil fuel involvement to start producing results straight away. Making use of existing roofs for solar tile installation is not only an environmentally friendly way of harvesting natural energy but also an effective strategy for taking advantage of what is available without having any unnecessary impact on nature’s resources. 
Wildlife Friendly 
Solar energy is widely seen as one of the most environmentally friendly and wildlife friendly forms of renewable energy source. In comparison to other fossil fuels, there are several advantages that solar tiles provide for ecology and ecosystems. To begin with, since installation typically occurs on rooftops and away from wild habitats, setting up is a low impact affair in terms of displacement or disruption of existing populations of animals and organisms. 
Additionally, solar energy does not produce the same emissions as coal or oil when burned, thereby removing much of the danger associated with such emissions-related pollution, and consequences for local wildlife populations near mines or extraction sites and emission sources respectively. 
Sustainable Lifestyle 
Installing solar roof tiles has become an increasingly popular way to engage in sustainable living. It is a straightforward and relatively inexpensive process yet can make a big difference in terms of reducing a home or business’s contribution to climate change. The decrease in the use of finite fossil fuels provided by switching to solar roof tiles helps significantly reduce a family or business’s carbon footprint, thereby contributing to planet-wide efforts around climate action. 
Solar Energy Design and the Next Generation 
Through solar energy design and the next generation, children can learn crucial principles of sustainability. Seeing and experiencing the implementation of solar roof tiles systems at home or in their local community gives them a first-hand example of renewable energy in action. Intuition and curiosity may provide the motivation to understand more deeply why this type of energy source is beneficial to our environment. 


Solar tiles are an extremely valuable and beneficial choice for homes and businesses looking to invest in renewable energy. Not only do they reduce the need for fossil fuels, they also help reduce carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. 
They can be used as part of a larger sustainable lifestyle approach, allowing people to make a real contribution to reducing their environmental impact. 
Finally, with solar tiles being relatively easy to install and maintain for most homeowners, it provides an excellent teaching opportunity for children about sustainability and renewable energy sources.  

Let us help you make the Switch to Solar 

Marley Solartile® is available from your local Roofbase, and we can deliver direct to your site.  
Marley Solartile® has the highest resistance to flame and fire penetration, and the solar tiles are compatible with all Marley roof tiles, which means that they are fully compatible with our full roof system. 
We also offer Marley Solartile installation training, either on-site or in branch at your local Roofbase.  
For more details on how Roofbase can help you make the Switch to Solar, please enquire at your local Roofbase or email us for more information. 
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