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Quality roof battens are increasingly seen as an important part of forming a secure roof. Choosing the right option can have a significant impact on the longevity and performance of the entire roof structure. This article explains why we consider Marley’s JB Red Batten to be the superior choice for roofing projects. 

Marley JB Red Batten: The Benchmark for Quality 

JB Red Batten is manufactured from sustainably sourced, dimensionally stable timber that's been rigorously treated for superior weather resistance. This translates to several advantages over other battens: 
Unmatched Precision Grading: Unlike traditional visually graded battens, JB Red Batten is the only one on the market to undergo mechanical grading using Marley’s dedicated Goldeneye scanning line. This ensures it meets the performance criteria set out in the UK Building Regulations - BS 5534.  
Exceptional Durability: All JB Red Batten is preservative-treated to BS 8417 Use Class 2. This means they're protected against wood rotting fungi and insect infestation by MicroPro® treatment. As a result, Marley Red Batten boasts a 60-year design life expectancy, exceeding the guarantees offered by most competitors. 
Reduced Risk on Site: The distinctive red colour of JB Red Batten isn't just for aesthetics. It serves as a quick and easy visual indicator that the batten meets the required standards and is ready for use. This eliminates the need for time-consuming on-site grading, saving you valuable time and labour costs. 
Confidence for Your Clients: When you choose JB Red Batten, you're offering your clients a demonstrably superior product. The precision grading, extended service life, and ease of verification translate to a roof that performs flawlessly for decades. This translates to satisfied customers and a powerful reputation for your business. 
Reduced Breakage: The robust timber construction and treatment processes minimise the risk of breakages during transportation and installation, reducing wastage and saving you money. 
Sustainable Choice: JB Red roofing battens are sourced from an extensive network of Scandinavian saw mills. All the timber used has full chain of custody and is PEFC certified to ensure it only comes from managed forests. 

The Benefits for Your Business 

By choosing Marley JB Red Batten, you're not just investing in a superior product; you're gaining a number of advantages for your business: 
Enhanced Reputation: Specifying high-quality materials like JB Red Batten demonstrates your commitment to excellence and help build trust with your clients. 
Reduced After-Sales Issues: The exceptional durability of JB Red Batten minimises the risk of post-installation problems, leading to fewer call-backs and improved customer satisfaction. 
Improved Profitability: Reduced wastage and a lower risk of remedial work contribute to increased profitability on your projects. 

Marley JB Red Batten: The Clear Choice 

When it comes to selecting the best roof batten for your projects, Marley Red Batten stands out as the obvious choice. Its superior quality, exceptional performance, and long-lasting design life make it an investment that pays off for both you and your clients. 
At Roofbase, we are proud to supply Marley JB Red Batten alongside a wide range of high-quality roofing materials. Contact your local Roofbase today to discuss your roofing project requirements and discover how JB Red Batten can elevate your projects to the next level.  
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