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Coxdome Classic Range 

The COXDOME Classic Range rooflights are considered a top choice for their combination of quality and affordability. The domes come in clear, diffused, or opal options and are available in sizes ranging from 600mm to 3,000mm. 
The COXDOME Classic Range polycarbonate domes for have a universal design that allows for easy installation and high performance. The design features a modular structure that allows for various configurations. The frame is made of plastic profiles that are thermally broken, providing strong thermal performance, condensation resistance, and excellent waterproofing properties. 
The Classic Range of COXDOME polycarbonate domes is designed for flat roofs and offers both easy installation and high performance due to its universal design. The rooflights are constructed with a modular design that permits numerous configurations. The frame is made of plastic profiles and is thermally broken to provide strong thermal performance. In addition to its excellent waterproofing properties, this material is also resistant to condensation formation. 
Coxdome classic range comes in 3 opening variations 
Manual Opening 
Electric opening 

Lumiglaze Range 

The COXDOME Lumiglaze Flat Glass Rooflight for flat roofs is produced with a double-glazed unit, aluminium frame, and a 160 mm PVC-u upstand, meeting high manufacturing standards. The upstand is thermally broken, which enhances its thermal performance and prevents condensation formation. The aluminium frame with powder coating offers a unique design and refined appearance. The COXDOME Lumiglaze flat glass rooflights are available in various sizes ranging from 600 mm to 2,400 mm and are considered to be of high quality and reasonable price. 
The COXDOME Flat Glass Rooflight range allows you to enjoy pure and natural daylight with clear panoramic views. The skylight has a contemporary design that complements the roof. The outer glass pane is strengthened and has a ceramic edge coating for a polished appearance. The range includes a vertical insulated PVC upstand that measures 160 mm in height, designed to fit into either a new or existing roof opening. 
The slim aluminium frame has an internal thermal break which makes the rooflight energy efficient whilst also reducing the risk of condensation. The skylight comes complete with concealed fixing screws installed beneath the flush cover. 
The Lumiglaxe range comes in 4 opening variations 
Manual Opening 
Electric opening 
Lid Only 
Galaxy Range 
The Galaxy is made from UV protected polycarbonate and is a dome-only solution that is meant to be fitted into an existing builder's kerb or upstand. 
Galaxy is recommended for renovation projects or situations where only the glazing requires replacement. The 100 mm flange allows for easy fitting to most kerbs without requiring any adjustments. This makes it ideal for refurbishment projects where only the glazing needs to be replaced in case of damage or discoloration. 
Access Hatches 
The design enables secure and convenient entry to the roof area, facilitating regular checkups or occasional repairs. 
These products are designed for flat roofs with a maximum inclination of 15º, and offer controlled ventilation and emergency escape access. 
Access hatches come in different sizes and serve the purpose of allowing entry to roof areas while also providing natural daylight into a space. Polycarbonate skins come in various options including double, triple, or quadruple layers, and can be either clear or diffused. Both options, one with 160 mm vertical upstand (recommended for frequent use) and the other with 150 mm splayed upstand (recommended for occasional use), are available. 
The COXDOME SHEV (AOV) systems offer a solution for smoke and heat exhaust ventilation in both commercial and residential settings. The products are supplied already assembled and tested at the factory, and are certified to meet EN12101-2 standards. SHEV (AOV) systems serve the dual purpose of fire smoke extraction and controllable ventilation for daily use. 
The building can be equipped with either clear or obscure polycarbonate glazing to increase natural light, or with a fully insulated aluminum solid cover. 
The COXDOME SHEV (AOV) range is offered in various sizes and meets current fire safety building regulations. It can also be incorporated into any Building Management System (BMS). Control panels are connected to a central system and can be activated by manual switches on the ventilator or on the ground floor, as well as by dedicated smoke detectors or by interfacing with a third-party smoke detection/fire alarm system. The BMS includes a battery backup system for instances of mains failure. 
A full range of accessories is available to further enhance the performance of Coxdome SHEV systems, depending on the application. 
Ranging from weather sensors and wind deflectors, to emergency push buttons and safety fall grids, the accessories are designed to provide a complete safety package that can be tailored to the specific requirements of each project. 
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