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Actis insulation provides complete thermal solutions for all your needs.  Actis multifoil products can be used in your roof, wall and ceilings, within suspended timber floors, new builds and refurbishment projects. There is no need to look elsewhere!  Visit the Actis U-value simulator to create the best solution for you.  Roofbase is stocking the full ACTIS insulation range with all 4 Hybrid products and TRISO SUPER 10+ available.  


Insulation Products 

HYBRID System 

The Hybrid system is made up of 4 products, BoostR Hybrid roof, Hybris, HControl Hybrid, and BoostR Hybrid. 
They can all be used either separately or together as a complete system. 

HYBRIS System 

Hybris is a unique high performance honeycomb insulation, certified to 
European and international standards, intended for thermal and acoustic 
insulation of buildings on timber frame or masonry walls, pitched roofs, 
suspended timber floors and ceilings. 
It does not compact over time. Light, clean, non-irritating, HYBRIS is very pleasant to implement. 

How to insulate a pitched roof with HYBRIS insulation 

MULTIFOIL Insulation 

ACTIS thin multifoil insulation products can be thinner than traditional thick insulation and can perform to the same standard. 
They are easy to install and are perfectly adapted for both new or refurbishment projects. 


Breather Membranes 

ACTIS reflective breather membranes are designed to improve the thermal performance of roofs and walls. Installed externally over the structure, they protect insulation from air and water infiltration and enable water vapour to be dispersed. 

Vapour Control Layer 

Vapour Control Layers are additional products installed on the internal side of existing insulation to stop water vapour diffusion and improve air-tightness of the building. 

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