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EPDM Sealants and Cleaners

A range of gun applied cartridge sealants and aerosol EPDM cleaner. Choose from:

  1. 300ml Universal Sealant. Black, waterproof, silicone suitable for creating a long-lasting seal on chases above wall trims.
  2. 300ml Firestone Water Block Sealant
  3. Firestone Lap Sealant. Lap Sealant HS is designed to seal and mechanically protect the exposed edge of QuickSeam products. Lap Sealant is also used as a general purpose sealant.
  4. Firestone Easy Sealant. Firestone Easy Sealant to go with Firestone RubberGutter.
  5. EPDM Cleaner 500ml. 500ml Alcohol-based degreaser with extremely fast evaporation properties, designed for efficiently removing all types of Techno adhesives, sealants and other types of contamination.
Sealants and Cleaners: Price: Quantity:
1. 300ml Universal Sealant. £6.00 exc. VAT £7.20 inc. VAT
2. 300ml Firestone Water Block Sealant £8.00 exc. VAT £9.60 inc. VAT
3. Firestone Lap Sealant. £9.00 exc. VAT £10.80 inc. VAT
4. Firestone Easy Sealant. £9.02 exc. VAT £10.82 inc. VAT
5. EPDM Cleaner 500ml. £11.50 exc. VAT £13.80 inc. VAT

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