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At Roofbase keeping our customers up to date with the latest products and installation techniques is extremely important. That’s why we offer Marley Solartile installation training. Carried out by the Marley team, the training can take place either on-site or in branch at your local Roofbase.  

On-site training 

With rising energy costs, Marley Solartile is an increasingly popular choice for homeowners because of its cost-effectiveness and efficiency. With their sleek, low profile they also help to create an aesthetically appealing roof. 
This product is suitable for installation by roofers, whether it's as a stand-alone installation, part of a re-roof, or on a new build. And lack of previous solar installation experience is not a problem, as we provide on-site training and guidance from members of the Marley team on how to properly install their product. 
Marley Solartile on-site training carried out by the Marley team to Roofbase Swansea customer DJ Williams Roofing  
Marley Solartile training in Bristol on a Persimmon Homes new build site 

In branch training 

If you would like training on Marley Solartile installation, but don't currently have a project for the Marley team to train you on-site, why not take advantage of our in branch training facilities. These are now available at your local Roofbase.  
New solar training and display being installed at Roofbase Plymouth 

If you would like more information on Marley Solartile Installation Training, please complete the form below and we will get back you. 

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