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Tapered Insulation is also known as Cut to Falls (CTF), Laid to Falls (LTF), and Sloping Insulation. It is used to create a fall in a flat roof, to help remove issues associated with standing water, such as progressive deflection, odour issues, algae/mould growth, slip hazards, poor appearance, and ponding water. Tapered Insulation can be used over alternative methods of creating a fall, such as firrings, metal purlins and screed. 

Benefits of Tapered Insulation 

Tapered Insulation has multiple key benefits over other traditional fall methods, including: 
Cost Savings: an independent study showed that Tapered PIR Insulation provided cost savings of over 20%, compared to uniform insulation over concrete screed, and nearly 8% compared to timber firrings using the same insulant. 
Can be installed immediately: tapered insulation can be installed immediately, as opposed to concrete screed typically taking around 1 month per 25mm to dry. This in turn removes the need for an additional sub contractor to commence remaining roofing works. 
Lighter than traditional methods: tapered insulation can weigh as little as 3% of the weight of a screed. 
More reliable tolerances: on-site tolerances can vary with traditional methods of creating fall. This is less common with tapered insulation as the product is manufactured in a factory controlled setting.  

The range of tapered insulation materials 

There are a wide range of tapered insulation materials available, including: 
Cellular Glass 
VIP (Vacuum Insulation Panels) 
Hybrid (combination of EPS & PIR) 
These materials suit a variety of different waterproofing and fixing methods including: 
Single Ply 
Felt Systems 
Liquid Waterproofing 
Mechanically Fixed 

Bespoke design 

Each tapered insulation scheme is designed on a project-by-project basis, by a team of dedicated designers - free of charge. 
If you would like more information about Tapered Insulation, or have a project you feel would benefit from Tapered insulation, please email Nicki Brodie [email protected] 
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